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obj. correlative
iceberg principle


  MacLeish, Archibald, “Ars Poetica” (1915): credo
  Mailer, Norman, The Naked and the Dead (1948): analysis by 5 critics
  Mailer, Norman, The Deer Park (1955): analysis by 6 critics
  Malamud, Bernard, A New Life (1961): analysis by quotation
    Oleanna (1992), by David Mamet
  Mamet, David, Oleanna (1992): analysis by act
  Mamet, David
  March, William, “The Little Wife” (1930): analysis
  Markham, Edwin, “The Man with the Hoe” (1899)
  Mason, Bobbie Ann, Shiloh and Other Stories (1982): review
  McCarthy, Cormac, The Orchard Keeper (1965): analysis by 5 critics
  McCarthy, Cormac, Outer Dark (1968): analysis by 6 critics
  McCarthy, Cormac, Child of God (1973): analysis by 7 critics
  McCarthy, Cormac, Suttree (1979): analysis by 11 critics
  McCarthy, Cormac, Blood Meridian (1985): analysis by 20 critics
  McCarthy, Cormac, All the Pretty Horses (1992): analysis by 12 critics
  McCarthy, Cormac, No Country for Old Men (2005): analysis by 4 critics
  McCarthy, Cormac, The Road (2006): analysis in detail
  McCarthy, Cormac, God in The Road: analysis by 4 critics
  McCarthy, Cormac
  McCarthy, Mary
  McComb, Jack F., “The RPM” (1973): parody of Ken Kesey
  McCullers, Carson, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (1949): analysis by 18 critics
  McElroy, Joseph, Plus (1977): analysis by 2 critics
  McGinley, Phyllis, “The Theology of Jonathan Edwards” (1957): wit
  McGinley, Phyllis, “The Theology of Jonathan Edwards” (1957): wit
  McGuane, Thomas, Panama (1978): analysis
  McKay, Claude, “America” (1922)
  McKay, Claude, “The White City” (1922)
  McPherson, James Alan, Elbow Room (1977): commentary
  Melville, Herman, humor from Moby-Dick (1851)
  Moby-Dick (1851) by Herman Melville, adapted by John Huston (1956)
  Billy Budd (1891) by Herman Melville, adapted by Peter Ustinov (1962)
  Melville, Herman, Typee (1846): analysis by 9 critics
  Melville, Herman, Omoo (1847): analysis by 5 critics
  Melville, Herman, Mardi (1849): analysis by 8 critics
  Melville, Herman, Redburn (1849): analysis by 3 critics
  Melville, Herman, White-Jacket (1850): analysis by 3 critics
  Melville, Herman, Moby-Dick (1851): analysis in detail
  Melville, Herman, 30 key metaphors in Moby-Dick: concise analysis
  Melville, Herman, 50 critics discuss Moby-Dick
  Melville, Herman, 21 different interpretations of the white whale: brief quotations
  Melville, Herman, Pierre (1852): analysis by 7 critics
  Melville, Herman, Pierre fictional film adaptation (2005): analysis
  Melville, Herman, Benito Cereno (1855): analysis by 16 critics
  Melville, Herman, The Confidence-Man (1857): analysis by 8 critics
  Melville, Herman, Billy Budd (1891): analysis by chapter
  Melville, Herman, Billy Budd: general analysis
  Melville, Herman, Billy Budd: analysis of film adaptation (1962)
  Melville, Herman, “Art” (1891)
  Melville, Herman
  Melville, Herman, “The Lightning-Rod Man” (1853): analysis by 3 critics
  Melville, Herman, “Bartleby the Scrivener” (1855): analysis by 10 critics
  Melville, Herman, “The Paradise of Bachelors and the Tartarus of Maids” (1855): analysis by 3 critics
  Melville, Herman, “I and My Chimney” (1856): analysis by 2 critics
   Mencken, H. L. (1880-1956), witty quotations
  Mencken, H. L.
  Millay, Edna St. Vincent, “What Lips My Lips Have Kissed” (1923): analysis
  Miller, Arthur, All My Sons (1947): analysis by 4 critics
  Miller, Arthur, Death of a Salesman (1949): analysis by 32 critics
  Miller, Arthur, The Crucible (1953): analysis by 18 critics
  Miller, Arthur, A View from the Bridge (1955): analysis by 3 critics
  Miller, Arthur
  Momaday, N. Scott, House Made of Dawn (1968): analysis by 4 critics
  Momaday, N. Scott, The Way to Rainy Mountain (1969), mixed genres: analysis by 20 critics
  Monsour, Leslie, “Emily's Words” (1990): homage
  Moore, Marianne, “Poetry” (1921-51): analysis
  Moore, Marianne, “Critics and Connoisseurs” (1924): analysis
  Moore, Marianne, “What Are Years?” (1941): analysis by 2 critics
  Moore, Marianne
  Morley, Christopher, “Epitaph for Any New Yorker” (1920): wit
  Morley, Christopher, “Epitaph for Any New Yorker” (1920): humor
  Morris, Wright, The Field of Vision (1956): analysis by 2 critics
  Morrison, Toni, The Bluest Eye (1970): analysis by 25 critics
  Morrison, Toni, Sula (1973): analysis by 25 critics
  Morrison, Toni, Song of Solomon (1977): analysis by 21 critics
  Morrison, Toni, Song of Solomon: review by Reynolds Price
  Morrison, Toni, Tar Baby (1981): analysis by 17 critics
  Morrison, Toni, Tar Baby: review by John Irving
  Morrison, Toni, Beloved (1987): analysis by 23 critics
  Morrison, Toni, Beloved: review by Margaret Atwood
  Morrison, Toni, Jazz (1992): analysis by 7 critics
  Morrison, Toni, Jazz: review by Edna O'Brien
  Morrison, Toni, Paradise (1998): analysis
  Morrison, Toni